Tips for the summer running

Summer is around the corner and weather is about the get warmer. There are several things to consider when the heat wave hits on.

1. Hydration
Increase your water intake, as the during the warm weather body tend to sweat more.

2. Salt
Make sure your food contains good salt, for example Himalayan pink rose salt. While sweating body lose sodium, so warm weather and lack of sodium can cause muscles cramps and tiredness.

3. Run early in the morning/late in the evening
Go run early in the morning or late in the evening when weather is cooler.

Näyttökuva 2017-05-01 kello 10.43.38

4. Clothes
Wear loose, light colored clothes and cover your head. Light and loose clothes reflect the sun and keeps you cooler. Headgear protect you from sunstroke, but remember to fear light breathable and slightly loose gear so the heat can escape from your head.

5. Sunscreen
Remember protect your skin from UV. There are sport related sunscreen which are not tacky and remains on the skin, despite sweating.

6. Caffeine
Avoid caffeine or at least decrease caffeine intake as it increases urine output and dehydration.

Don’t avoid summer running, enjoy the weather and collect sun energy!

Pictures from here and here


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