States of running

Angularity – Beginning of the run, when body is cold and its start to warm up, listening who it’s feeling today, what is the rhythm of feet.

Internal awareness – Body is warmed up, rhythm is found, sense of running have found.

Relaxation – Feet moving easily forward, air going lungs and out without any trouble, heart racing faster than rest, but not disturbingly.

Timelessness – You are in the moment, you could run as far you want.

Suffering – Feeling the muscles pumping and heavy breathing, aches and soreness appearing.

Calmness – Deep breathing, positive thoughts, suffering disappear.

Flow – Freedom, effortless, balance. Incredible feeling where everything feels extraordinary good.

These are an example of states of the one perfect running. Flow, which every runner seek, but rarely find. Thing, which is extremely difficult to explain to others. Have you ever experienced of flow, if so let the comment below and share your feelings!


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